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Karaoke Rules are Essential for the Enjoyment of all!


1. Look through the karaoke book and sign up to sing. Sign-up slips and pens are provided.
2. Keep the microphone in front of your lips. We can’t hear you if the microphone is not in front of you.
3. Cheer, applaud, and make lots of noise for all the singers. Cheer the way you want others to cheer for you.
4. Return pens and any unused sign-up slips to DJ table.
5. Bring friends and make new ones. You have at least one thing in common… karaoke & music!
6. Ask the DJ/KJ any questions or bring up any concerns you have. We are here for you!
7. If you don’t see something in the karaoke book you’d like to sing, let us know.
8. Tip the Bar Staff and DJ/KJ, we are all here working for your enjoyment.
9. Sing duets. It’s a great way to introduce a friend to karaoke (duets count as one turn each).
10. Have a great time!


1. Tap, shake, or hit the microphones against your hand or anything else. This is bad for the microphone and sound system.
2. Never put the microphone in front of the speaker. Feedback noise is never welcome.
3. Never yell or scream in the microphone.
4. Put your hand over the end of the microphone when you sing.
5. Take the microphone or sing with someone when you have not been invited to.
6. Spill or place anything on the karaoke books.
7. Bring your drinks to the DJ/KJ table. They will not be allowed near the equipment.
8. Sign up your friends. Everyone must sign themselves up to sing.
9. Do not bring any musical instruments, they will not be permitted in the venue.

Break the rules and we will shut of your microphone and ban you from karaoke for the night.

And remember… it doesn’t matter how well or how badly you sing, as long as you have fun, you are awesome!

Please take a look at our Karaoke Songbook.

We cover all styles of music including:
Country, Oldies, Pop, Urban, Classic Rock, Alternative, R&B, Rap, etc.

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