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Notice: Due to new liquor laws we are temporarily suspending our bartender service to make all necessary changes to be in compliance with the new laws. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Please Tip Your Bar Staff, They Are Working Hard For You!!


Bartending Services for nearly every event!
Business, Social, Holiday, Birthdays, Anniversaries And Receptions, And Lots More.

Bar Services: Box Top Catering’s Bar Staff arrives to an event about an hour, before the contract time properly dressed in Professional Serving Attire. Our Staff will start to setup the bar equipment and supplies. During the event our staff will serve the beverages throughout the event and help clear glassware/any unwanted debris from tables and event area. After the contract time is up our staff will start the total breakdown of the bar equipment and around the bar area. Our staff will make sure that the area is totally clean before leaving.

Box Top Catering’s Bar Service only serves Beer, wine, and champagne.

Box Top Catering is not responsible for providing the Beer, wine, and champagne for the Bar.

Client(s) is responsible for purchasing the beverages for this event.

Client(s) is also responsible for purchasing insurance. (See Insurance Information Below, For More Details.)

Client(s) can hire One Licensed, Certified, and Professional Bartender.

Not Available In All Areas.

Certain Venues Prohibit The Sale And Or Consumption of Alcohol On The Premiss.

All Bartender Services will be subject to the Laws of Washington State Governing Alcohol Consumption.


Since these are private event(s) held by the Client(s) and not open to the general public, Client(s) understands that a 24-hour liability rider on its homeowner’s policy is recommended. Client(s) is responsible for actions of all guest(s) and others, and any legal ramifications resulting from their behavior.

Read Full Agreement For More Information.


* We require a copy of the Banquet Permit, so please have an extra copy ready for us on the day of the event, or you may email or fax it to us.

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